Yes ( Conditions Apply)

Yes ( conditions apply)

Yes Schedule training with our training managers are provided. Once you finished your training you are on your way to get your local driving license.

Yes, we have all the safety equipment for all the boats.

Yes, Our valet docks are available to provide an excellent service from the time you and your family get on board and upon return until you get on your car to head home.

It differs from what type of membership you signed up for.

No. The dues are locked in for the term of the membership.

Yes, our boats are all insured under all government entities. By joining the club you don’t have to worry about all those stuff.

No. We have a private fleet of new boats for the exclusive use of our members. We have different types of membership options available. Please call 02 666 2582 or visit our website www.elitecaptains.ae

No. Fees are all included in every membership package.

we always have a team stand by on emergency they will reach you to rescue

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