Why Own a Boat

When You Can Use a Fleet.

Be straight on your way to take pleasure and enjoy the splendid Dubai & Abu Dhabi from the sea.

Pamper Your Lifestyle

With The Cruising Experiences

Become Skilled Captains and Discover the 150 UAE Island..

Train to Be The Captain

and Sail Unlimited

Live the Luxury Drive All our Boats with all privacy.

What we do

Welcome To Elite Captains

We at Elite Captains bring you the luxury of cruising the sea. Get on board our fleet of boats, take the controls, and explore the vast expanse of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi sea world. Beyond enjoyment, we are a lifestyle experience. Come explore the 150 islands around Dubai and Abu Dhabi with your family and friends and embark on new and fulfilling journeys.

Become a Certified Captain

FTA / DMCA licensing is mandatory for driving small boats in UAE, be it professional or pleasure driving. We conduct FTA small boat driving license for boats up till 12m for newbies as well as a refresher learning for experienced professionals.



Guaranteed availability of boats, multiple locations, high quality fleets, trained staff, and a host of other advantages we present to make your experience worthy with us.


Become a Member

Membership means a dedicated and definite advantage over the rest. Our plans are exclusively created around your convenience and comfort. We welcome you to become a member to embark on some delightful experiences with us.


About club

About Elite club

Why own a boat and incur expenses when you can opt for a premium boating club membership?
Go sailing uninterrupted, on weekdays or weekends, any time of the year, across your favourite destinations around Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Soak in the luxury of added attention with our onboard captains as well as planned meals.



Be spolied for a choice of boats at one of the best boat clubs in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. Whatever your activity of interest cruising, watersports, or fishing, we have different vessels with different capacities to serve your ideal purpose.


365 Days / 24 hours

Gain access to our fleet any time of the day or year, with the exclusive Elite club. Now no need to wait for weekends or to plan much in advance for your cruising expeditions.



Have access to around 2 marinas across Dubai and Abu Dhabi for an easy onboarding and offboarding experience of your choice.


Watch our video

Go beyond the regular experiences and cruise the seas with thrill and adventure or sail silently on the quiet waters with your loved ones, whatever your choice. We at Elite Captains are here to bring you the finest experiences at seas.

Get an unique feeling

Find amazing

Come to an experience that is thrilling, delightful and refreshing sailing along the 150 islands of Dubai & Abu Dhabi, come find your amazing boats.


What you get

  • FTA / DMCA License
    Only to drive a boat you need a FTA and DMCA license
  • In House Captains
    We bring you a host of in-house captains when you want to relax at the seas.
  • In House Lady Captains
    A choice of having lady captains onboard.
  • Free Dinner / Lunch
    Our membership plans take care of your meals while you are on board with us.
  • Sports Equipments
    If you want the sports experience at sea, we aid with free sports equipment of your choice.
  • 24/7 365 Days Bookings
    All through the day and the year, book our boats anytime now.
  • Online Booking
    Your comfort is important to us. Now, book our vessels easily through our online booking facility.
  • New & Clean Boats
    We bring you the finest boats that are clean, comfortable, and cosy experiences.


Explore our Boats

We have a wide variety of boats that are new and refurbished as new. Whatever be your choice of activity at the sea, cruising, water sports or fishing, we have just the right vessels for every purpose. Look at our exclusive boat collection for a different experience every time.


What our clients say

The Elite Captains Boat Club has given me a reason to witness the luxury of sailing. As a member of Elite Captains Boat Club, I look ahead to my sailing time. I think it is an unparallel experience to drive different boats or yacht every time. Easy online bookings offer me a choice of fleet and availability.

Owning a Boats meant staff, maintenance, parking fees, tax and other expenses and then how frequently does one cruise, to own such an asset. A friend suggested me a membership at Elite Captains instead, and I am now part of a very enthralling experience just at the expense of just a membership fee.

Elite Captains is the best boating club in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. I am a member of Elite Captains and have taken quite a few cruises with them. Their fleet is clean and their staff very co-operative.I now have an FTA / DMCA certificate too, and thoroughly enjoy riding at sea.