Elite Captains is a well-established boat club based in Abu Dhabi. We are a team of boating professionals with over 20 years combined experience. From inception, we have grown from a small start up with a limited fleet to one of the UAE’s premier boat clubs. We provide a safe and enjoyable introduction for beginners and a great alternative to ownership for experienced boaters.

“Being an Elite Captain is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle”

Our Mission

We follow a unique strategy to keep our clients satisfied and at ease. We focus on customer satisfaction over and beyond, aiming to create a friendly environment for our clients so that they can enjoy the sea without any hassles. Our Mission is to work according to the Abu Dhabi Government Vision of 2030.

We want to be located in every single operational marina in Abu Dhabi to provide access to our members so that they can drive a boat from any part of the city.

Our fleet is strictly maintained to a high standard and includes both new and restored used boats.

Develop Water Sport Activities, Boat Rentals and Cruises on the side; sight-seeing from the sea.

This is our mission that we always keep in mind on and off duty so that we can improve our quality and provide the best services for our clients


The vision of Elite Captains is to become UAE’s leading and most trusted boating club. Having the most updated and vast variety of new boats for all our elite members is what we strive to accomplish. We will have the latest models and newest technology, full of comfort and better ways of operations. We want to make sure that each and every client we have drives the perfect boat or yacht, that suit them best, with the utmost convenience and service.
As members, we want our loyal customers to be able to drive a variety of boats with better options than buying one of their own. They’ll be able to book them in one of many marinas close to them. Instead of having one boat in one marina, our clients can use one of many boats in our entire fleet, located in different cities and different marinas.

Values and Overviews

At Elite Captains, we value transparency, simplicity, and flexibility for all our members. Other boat clubs have their shortcomings, and often fail to meet their clients’ needs. We provide an alternative for members of those other clubs dissatisfied with their current service.