Membership Contract

The following Terms and Conditions establish the promised agreement between client and The Elite Captain’s regarding the use of the facilities, activities or transactions with The Elite Captain’s.

The Elite Captain's Farm duties

Deliver all safety tools on the boat during the practice of the members at all time. It is the Elite Captain’s obligation to have the boats always ready and in good state for the members.

The Boat reservation will be done on Availability through the online booking system and thus you will receive a confirmation email accordingly

The club reserves the right to cancel any booking for any reason due to the bad weather, Marina directives, Coast Guards Instruction or any other reason that may require your safety while boating.

The club will not be responsible for any personal belongings on the premises of Marina or boats. Elite Captains will provide full insurance for the boats and the people on board in case of any accident, or collision.

When the members are in the sea, an emergency number will always be available in case of any emergency.

Covenant the proper classes and configuration of how to use and operate any Motor Boat up to 40 Ft. Deliver a safety training to all new members. In case of any mechanical failure during your trip. The Elite Captain’s Crew must be well-versed.

In the event of Force Majeure, governmental verdicts issued from the competent authorities, which is out of control of the Elite Captain’s Management, the club will not be liable in any way.

Elite Captains should update on the weather conditions, with recommendation of certain daily routes to avoid high tides if available, but the Club is not liable for any errors in this regards.

The Member's Responsibilities

All safety Rules and Regulation to be followed.
The boat can be driven by the authorized and certified member only. The Fuel consumption after the trips or training sessions shall be paid by the member, it’s only the crew duty to refill.
Alcohol, gambling and drugs are not allowed on the Boats according to the UAE Law
Excessive dirtiness, vandalism or any damages caused by members or their guests will be reported & charged accordingly.
All members are obligated to inform the Club’s management in case of no show for a reserved booking.
In case of emergency, accident, mechanical failure, it is the member’s responsibility to inform the club’s management (emergency number 052 357 1965) immediately to take the proper action.
In case of any accident, Collision, or fines it is the member’s obligation to pay all amounts not covered by the insurance. Note the boats are fully insured including passengers however, Processing Fees are still valid.
The Elite Captain’s shall regularly update you on the weather, however, in case of an emergency no sailing order by the coast guards, Marina regulations, or any other reason all bookings will be cancelled on that specific day without prior approval to ensure the member’s safety.
Watersports: Any damage, loss or injury will be the responsibility of member.
Restricted area: there are some restricted areas where boating is not allowed. Any fines incurred will be paid by the members.

Members liability Obligation

Member shall note that the water activities and sports may contain various types of risks such as currents, water flow, collision with other boats or objects if the correct route wasn’t followed, ability to swim, sense of balance, unforeseen extreme bad weather circumstances, mechanical failures, sun burns, and drowning.
By signing and joining this agreement, the member is totally responsible for all types of risks mentioned above or not mentioned, and claims for responsibility for any accident, deaths or casualties that result of their
actions, where The Elite Captain’s staff, owner or management is not responsible to any of the danger that may be encountered to the members. Furthermore, the members shall not consider the Elite Captain’s responsible for any error that may occur while using any craft.
Members are not allowed to use the boat for any third party services for any personal or financial gain, doing so can cause cancel the membership.
All the members must have to follow the RTA/FTA rules & regulations.

Cancelation Policy

Members can cancel their membership by sending an email to [email protected]

The cancellation can be processed after 03 months of joining date, with one month notice period afterwards.
In case if 2 or more payments plan was chosen the 10% is non-refundable of the remaining balance.
In case of discount on joining fee, for cancellation it will be considered as full.
Joining Fees (7,000) is non-refundable.

Affirmed Availability

The club is obligated to secure for the member at least 3 Weekends regardless of the timing zones and boat type.
If the member is using the rolling bookings and member can’t find more than 2 Future bookings within the next 30 days. It is the Club obligation to find him the third from the date the member reports the complaint. This option is not applicable on public holidays.
You are always entitled to make a booking and deleting it. The purpose of this is to allow all the members to benefit from our fleet.
If a member reserves a boat and does not show up the boat will remain parked in the Marina. We encourage you to always reserve your future bookings, and if something came up and you can’t make it, just inform us or delete your booking a day ahead.


Membership Freeze: Members allowed to Freeze the memberships up to 30 days per year once or twice. Freezing period should not be less than 15 days.
Referral Bonus: Every new referral is one-month increase in your membership period. Referral can be increased up to 6 months.


If the member breaches the agreement in any way, the Management has the right to terminate the agreement and no further rights can be claimed.
If the member fails to pay the annual or any fees & charges that are due, the management has the right to freeze their account until all dues are paid in full, and the frozen period will be deducted from the original annual contractual period without any compensation.
This agreement doesn’t grant any of the member partnership, ownership to the assets or the company. The member will book and enjoy the boats according to the agreed terms and conditions.
Any modification to this agreement shall be written and approved by all related parties.
Members who will go for installment must provide guarantee check before giving user name and password for booking system.
This agreement is governed by the UAE Law, where any civil breach by the member to the laws of any of the governmental laws, coast guard, or any other related local governmental entity will be totally the liability of the member alone, and the UAE protocol will be applied depending on the breach.