The training required to become a member consists of FTA Licensing and a 2 to 3 day course with a certified Elite Captain

FTA Licensing

The FTA SMALL BOAT DRIVING LICENSE is mandatory to drive small boats within U.A.E.
This course is designed for beginners or as a refresher for more experienced boaters
To receive your FTA SMALL BOAT DRIVING LICENSE (up to 12m)

You will need to provide:
a medical fitness certificate
have a valid residency in U.A.E. for non-UAE residents

You will need to complete:

A one day (5 hours) intensive theory course, covering elements of safety, rules, buoys, knots and more, followed by a theory exam

A one day (5 hours) practical. Learning essential techniques such as berthing, rope work, maneuvering, MOB etc. Followed by a practical exam.

Elite Training

You will need to go out with one of our Certified Elite Captains to:
see how much you’ve learned in the FTA Licensing course
go over more driving techniques
learn the areas around Abu Dhabi

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