Why choose Elite Captains over the rest

Guaranteed Availability

We maintain a ratio of five members to one boat to guarantee that a boat will always be available.

Boats are available at multiple locations.


Full access to an entire fleet of high-quality boats.

Our fleet is strictly maintained to a high standard and includes both new and restored used boats.


We cover the cost of boat purchase, insurance, registration, marina parking, maintenance and cleaning, so that you don’t have to

Other boat clubs have outrageous joining fees. At Elite Captains, we offer the lowest joining fee with no hidden charges.

Our joining fee includes licensing and training for vessels up to 30ft.

Book A Boat with Ease

Boats are reserved with our online booking system.

This system allows members to simply pick the date, time, boat and location of their choice.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Elite Captains offers a stress-free cancellation and refund policy.

Other boat clubs require 4 months of membership prior to cancellation, and will take as much as twenty percent of remaining membership fees.

We require only two months of membership before cancellation and request just ten percent of outstanding fees

Lady Captains

Unlike other boat clubs, lady captains are available upon request.

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